Candids, Captions, Cowards

“Get you somebody that ____” (Fill in the blank with phrases such as “can do both,” “does some random extensive favor for you just so you can show them off on social media” etc.) Okay, no. Seriously? You are going to go on a hunt for a significant other based on some Instagram famous model’s photo of the MK purse that her boyfriend bought for her? Whether or not a person would take artsy photos with them is what people are searching for in others, rather than, oh I don’t know, whether or not they are a decent fucking human being. Relationships mean nothing anymore due solely to the fact that everybody is so caught up in trying to make their followers believe that their relationship means something. People are more concerned with having somebody comment that they are “#couplegoals” than they are with being their own couple goals. Instead of getting you somebody that does whatever, get somebody that fucking loves you. Get you somebody that treats you with respect, somebody that builds you up and helps you live. A relationship goal should not be how much a person spends on you or how cute the pictures you take are.

Social Media has done the wonders of giving the illusion that everybody’s life is perfect. We log on just to see what other people are doing with their life through a lens or a keyboard. We, then, make our own judgment of how that person’s life is based on what they have posted. The issue with social media is that, like our outlook on relationships, our view of how life should be is completely skewed. There are people that put more effort into social media than they do in their actual life.

That is what terrifies me. People are too busy posting about their lives that they actually fail to live. People are so consumed by trying to convince others that they live a certain kind of life that they aren’t even living. For example, a girl that is known in the fitness industry that I follow posted some pictures and videos of her dogs and what she does day to day that is not fitness related. Somebody had commented negatively saying that this was not “real” nor was it the reason they followed her. That person had to have been sitting on social media, waiting to watch what other people are doing with their lives, and commenting about how he disagreed with how they were living their lives. All while he was wasting his away. I understand that she is known for her work in the industry, but realistically it is not what she does twenty-four hours of the day. People are so miserable with their lives that they expect other people to live for them.

While, yes, there are many ways to make a living off of and do good on social media, I do believe the line that was once drawn has become rather thin. People have taken that leniency to do good and turned it into some kind of alternate, unrealistic, unattainable reality. Unspoken rules and expectations have been created that did not exist when social media originated. We are so focused on likes and followers and themes and filters and showing off how great we are living that we have forgotten to actually live. Living has become an illusion. Many waste their lives away searching for somebody else’s reality that may not even exist. Modern “goals” are based on captions and candids.

So instead of checking out the guy that you think would look good on your next Instagram post, wait for the one that treats you so well that you don’t even think about who liked your last one. Instead of wasting time trying to come up with a clever caption, write something meaningful. Speak something meaningful. Feel something meaningful. Your life means so much more than just one picture.


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