I Am

Two of the most powerful words are written above this article. I am. Honestly, I don’t know that there is a more impactful set of words in existence. I am.

These words can be used to break. They can be used to build. The most remarkable part about these words, though, is that they can only be used by you.

Should you use them to break, you are inviting your mind to think lesser of yourself. You are creating a negative image of yourself that only you can see. Your mind will feed off of that negativity and make it continuous.

Choose to use them to build. Build yourself, build an image in your mind that is so spectacular, so beautiful. What follows these two words is so important for your being, for your health.

The words, though, can stand alone. I am. I AM. How wonderful is that? I am. I’m here, I’m a person, I exist. I am. And you do too. Take that in. I am and you are.

Write down the two words. Then write any and every positive thing that you are that you can possibly think of. If all you can do is write I am without wanting to write negative responses afterward, then leave it as that. I am. That is enough.


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