It’s okay to feel.

It’s okay to feel every damn emotion in your heart.

It is more than okay

Sometimes I forget to tell myself that; we all feel things so deeply.

And sometimes that is a good thing, to love deeply, to care deeply, to feel.

What about pain? Sadness?

Rejection? Confusion?

We feel those emotions with the same depth.

We feel the pain just as we feel the love,

Sometimes for the same reason.

And it is okay to feel that.

Feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all.

It is what makes us human, it is what makes us grow

Direct the energy from the pain toward love, happiness.

Do not wish or ignore your feelings away

Let them speak to you, let them teach you.

Appreciate your depth.


Never Stop

I wrote something one day that began with “Never stop smiling.” A few days passed and I went back to reread it and it seemed different this time, like somebody else had written it for me. I didn’t realize that I was actually writing this piece specifically for myself. Sometimes I forget to smile and enjoy the greatest, simplest, purest pleasures of life. I have cheated myself of some of the most amazing things that life has to offer me. I have allowed myself to be consumed by stress and expectations and worry that I simply looked past all of the wonderful things in my life that are happening around me. So here is a little piece of advice not only for me this time, but for you: never stop smiling. Never stop appreciating. Never stop believing. Never stop loving; loving you, loving life, loving this beautiful journey that we are all on together.