Do not forget that you are always given a choice. No matter the situation or the circumstances, you always have a choice. We are only given a short amount of time to live our life in a way that is unique to who we are. Time is limited. Cherish it. Utilize it. Make the best of the minimal amount of time that you are given in this world.

It is entirely up to you. While we may have our own fates, it is the choices we make day in and day out that determine our lives. Do not deny yourself the simple pleasures that bring you great joy; for those are the things you will remember and hold on to for all of eternity.

You are beautiful. You are unique. You are the only you in this world, take advantage of that. Take advantage of the entirety that is your life. You are blessed to say that you are here and you are living and you are given the opportunity to live exactly how you want. Do not ever take that for granted.

This world is yours. It is yours completely. How incredible is it that you can wake up and have twenty-four hours of nothing but choices?


Life is a Journey, Not a Scavenger Hunt

Stop looking. Stop looking for love, for meaning, for clues. Haven’t you ever heard that when you stop looking, something better shows up? That when you stop looking for love, you meet someone that is better than anyone you ever tried to force it with? Or that when you lose something and stop searching for it, you eventually find something even greater?

Stop trying to force your life into something that you think it should be. You are looking at life from one point of view with expectations of what you (or society) has always imagined, what you have been unrealistically searching for. One thing happens to you and you think it is some sort of clue, thus leading you to believe you are that much closer to the end of the hunt. THERE ARE NO CLUES TO LIFE. Just live.

I know we have all heard the saying that life is a journey, not a destination. Cliché? Yes, but true. If you approach each day with hopes that you’ll be closer to that “end goal” you are going to be rather disappointed. Don’t wake up with hopes that you will find another clue to what you were “meant” to do/be. Instead, wake up with determination. Approach each day determined to conquer your fears. Instead of forcing things, listen to your heart and your mind. If something does not feel right, it probably isn’t. Live your life for you. Experience your life thoroughly and vividly and freely, just as you would any other journey.